Paint Hip Hop

about 7 years ago Paint Hip Hop is a hip hop music app. It was the first application I built and was influential in terms of my experience with web development and my confidence in front of code.

I’m telling you, I'm as cold as windows down in the winter
And I be riding rims if my tires any thinner
Airport stunting, flying charters overseas
Full of Dom Perignon and the water for the D's
A user shares a song which builds playlists for those who follow that user. It uses a basic Twitter follow model.

Popular tracks earn users rep points (check the shades). Rep points are achieved by people liking the shared song.

When Paint Hip Hop launched in mid 2012, it had a fair bit of traffic (at least what I was expecting for a side project) that reached roughly 1,000 unique visitors for the month and 20 concurrent users at its peak.

Paint Hip Hop is built with Ruby on Rails. The source code can be found here.

I had contracted out the logo design on Dribbble, which turned out to be a surprisingly nice experience. The designer did a case study.